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Everyone has a vice. For many Brooklynites it's a sweet addiction for baked goods from One Girl Cookies. Every mom I know mentions this spot as a no-fail solution to a bad day. Talk to any little girl in Brooklyn and she'll likely request OGC for her next B-day bash and any little boy with bad booboo will forget about his injury when he sinks his teeth into a fresh cupcake. What's the magic? I think a lot of love goes into the mix. Need proof? The chef (Dave) and the owner (Dawn) not only have a love affair for baked goods, they also have a new baby. I caught up with the proud momma and found about more about her artisanal bakery, a new Brooklyn landmark.

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How many cookies do you eat in a day?
That depends, during pregnancy or after? On a good, post pregnancy day, I try to limit myself to 2.
Tell me about your baby?
I have a 4 month old boy. He's the most beautiful baby in the entire world.
What's a favorite after school treat/ bribe parents should know about from your store?
Every kid loves a cupcake! Most adults too!
Why did you pick this location?
We chose this neighborhood because it's what I like to call "Urban Mayberry". It has a very small town feel where everyone knows each other, yet also has a very urban, diverse vibe as well.
What do you love about your neighborhood?
See above. Plus, I feel like the people who live here really care about the small businesses and realize that if they are successful, it benefits the whole neighborhood. That leads to a great relationship between me & my husband (he is my business partner) and the members of the community.
What is the most popular cookie?
Mary, which is our chocolate chip. Not surprising, considering most of our clients are under 3 feet.
We're throwing a party for our four-year-old, what should we order?
We have a lovely line of cakes called "Joyful Cakes" that are really festive and celebratory. The kid friendly ones involve miniature decorated cookies placed around a two tier cake. The most popular are princess, animal cracker and transportation.
Do we even want to know how many calories are in a lana cookie?
My philosophy is, splurge when you want to, just be sure to enjoy every single morsel. Not too hard to do here!

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one girl cookies
68 Dean Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201

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