On the Go Snacks for Moms


As a busy work from home mama, I am always short on time. It sounds cliche, but there really aren't enough hours in the day. Haha! I have a bunch of balls in the air at all times, which is frankly how I like it, but it means that I don't necessarily have time to fix gourmet meals for myself...especially during the day. I'm on the move constantly. Whether I'm at a photo shoot, shopping for post supplies or picking my kiddo from school, I'm out and about a good majority of my week, so I have to be able to turn to snacks to help keep my energy up...and those snacks have to be portable.

Enter 7-Eleven...This convenience store that you know and love is always expanding their Fresh Foods line to offer a wider variety of better for you on-the-go options. And that speaks to this mama. Knowing that I can pop into one of my local 7-Eleven stores to pick up a quick, fresh snack is clutch. When I have to run from one commitment to another without much time in between, on the go snacks are where it's at!

I typically turn to some sort of protein and fruit. Here's a sampling of some of my go-to snacks...And they all can be found at 7-Eleven. Grapes and apples are super portable, making them perfect for when I'm on the go. So are string cheese and hard boiled eggs. And if you have a bit more time, an individual serving of hummus and pretzel crisps are a tasty option! Who doesn't love a little dipping action?


I can just throw my snack picks of the day into an insulated bag with a cold pack and some water and I'm good to go!


So, if you're looking for fresh, on the go snack options, head on over to your 7-Eleven. They have a fantastic variety of fresh options, including sandwiches, salads, fresh cut fruit, whole fruit, Yoplait Yogurt Parfait with oats and honey granola and Bistro Snack packs with mini pitas, cheddar cheese cubes, red grapes, celery, baby carrots and hummus. They're prepared in local kitchens and delivered to stores daily ensuring top notch quality. Next time I just might go for one their salads! Yum! But in the meantime, just take a look at my finds...I mean, how fresh do they look?!?


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