Nudo Mamma Mia and Adopt an Olive Tree

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nudo Piantone grove

Want to find out more about where your food comes from? Why not adopt an olive tree. Nudo is a collective of olive groves. It's also how my daughter pronounces "noodle" when she has a stuffy nose. I like the olive reference better.

I also like the company Nudo Italia because of the opportunity they give you with their EVOO. You might be able to buy a bottle of olive oil from the store, but imagine dunking your bread in your own oil from your own tree thousands of miles away on a hillside in Italy. That's right. You can adopt one of Nudo's trees for a year. Then you can look forward to receiving all your little tree produces. That's about two liters of oil a year (at the very least you'll get 1.5 liters).

nudo MammaMia_Gift Box

If you just can't wait, surround yourself with the rich golden goodness of olive oil with their cute Mamma Mia gift set. Although mama would love this Mama's Day, Im guessing anyone would love it at any time. This trifecta of treats contains olive oil, soap and chocolates. Nudo's divine EVOO is excellent for drizzling, dipping and roasting, and is packaged in a tin to keep it fresher (bonus: tin is better for the environment than glass). Since my Italian grandma was always extolling the healing properties of olive oil, I was excited to know the luxurious moisturizing soap was made with actual EVOO. Finish up with a box of decadent dark chocolate Italian truffles with three ganache fillings--lemon, chili and mandarin extra virgin olive oil.

So pick your pleasure. A tree? A threesome of olive oil treats? Make mama proud and choose both.

The Nudo Mamma Mia gift set is available for $38 from

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