National Grilling Month Cooking Ideas

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This month is National Grilling Month and we are excited to go beyond the standard hot dogs and burgers. Since 150 million hotdogs were consumed in July alone we are happy to mix it up with some healthy recipes with the help of Mazola oil. These recipes are also healthy since Mazola Corn Oil has cholesterol-blocking plant sterols, so you can treat your taste buds and be good to your heart.

Check out just a few of our favorite mouth-watering and grill-worthy recipes. 

Spicy Grilled Watermelon: Can’t decide if you want sweet or spicy? No sweat, this summer classic has a surprising twist to its delicious taste.

Grilled Bloody Mary: Who says this brunch classic can’t be “grillified?” Give some spice with a fiery twist on a favorite. 

Grilled Banana Split: Frozen treats on the grill? Delight guests with the unexpected when you grill up this banana split. 

Health up your grill: When grilling meats, some of the fat drips off while cooking, resulting in a healthier meal. An added bonus, using corn oil will stop food from sticking to the grill. 

Marinades made right: Marinating meat helps lock in moisture so meat won’t dry out or toughen up. Go homemade and make your own marinades. Combine Mazola Corn Oil and your favorite spices and seasonings for fresh flavors with a healthy twist.

Check out more Mazola grilling recipe favorites here.

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