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NanaCea's 24/7 Meal Replacement Review


Put '??24/7'? and '??chocolate'? together and visions of tasty treats all day and night dance in my head. Then add the word '??Superfood'? and I jump for joy (almost higher than a building in a single bound, but not quite). Something that has big nutrition, low calories and has chocolaty goodness? Hooray.


The 24/7 Meal Replacement Drink by NanaCea is 2.5 of those three things. It has crazy good-for-you ingredients'?¦think essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, protein, and fiber. It'??s made with rice bran'??which happens to be the most nutrient-dense whole food that the USDA has ever tested and has been linked to improved immune function, cardio health and even anti-aging. This all-natural drink is also super low in calories (it doesn'??t break 110), so it'??s great for dieters, and it'??s free of almost everything you don'??t want in your food...GMOs, HFCS, added sugar, gluten, allergens and soy.

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Here'??s where the .5 comes into play. It'??s not terrible, but it doesn'??t have a come-hither chocolate taste that I dream about (let'??s face it'?¦not many supplement drinks do). Although I haven'??t tried the vanilla flavor, the chocolate is a little chalky. I mixed it with cold water (the first serving suggestion) and couldn'??t make it through two or three gulps. When mixed with skim milk in the blender (I also added a banana and some peanut butter), it was much better. Still not the smooth taste that they boast, but it'??s drinkable.

Targeting waist-watchers, NanaCea claims that the shake'??s fiber (a moderate 5 grams) will fill you up so you don'??t crave other snacks. This was definitely true. I drank it for breakfast and where shakes like SlimFast usually leave me starving by 10:30am, I was held off until past noon for a nice nutritious lunch.

The bottom line is that Superfood shake is worth a moderate hop, not an actual jump for joy. What it lacks in taste it definitely makes up in healthy ingredients that will definitely stay with you 24/7.

24/7 is available for $49.60 at

Momtrends was not paid for this post. We did get samples.

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