Must Have Citrus Cocktails


It's Vitamin C Day! Citrus lovers rejoice. Now, one could interpret that to mean that today would be a great opportunity to share healthy citrus based recipes. I'm going another route however. BWAH! Vitamin C Day inspired me to round up some of my favorite citrus flavored cocktails...because, well, it's Monday and wouldn't we all love to toast someone special with a tasty adult beverage tonight?

This girl would anyway! So, I hope you'll try out at least one of these delicious libations to celebrate Vitamin C Day your way! Personally, I see a mimosa in my very near future. Who says they're limited to brunch? Not I!

grapefruit spritzer

Grapefruit spritzer...It doesn't get much easier than this 2-ingredient drink. And isn't that exactly what you want on a Monday? Something EASY?


Greyhound...So clearly I dig grapefruit. Haha! This cocktail actually only requires two ingredients as well. What can I say? I'm a simple kinda gal.

blood orange

Blood Orange and Bourbon Cocktail...If there is another form of citrus I love as much as grapefruit, it's blood orange! And the best part about this one's sparkling. I love any form of bubbles. I mean ANY.


Strawberry Orangetini...If ever there were two flavors made to go together, it's strawberry and orange. It's not a combination you think about all that often, but it's delightful nonetheless!


Mimosa...We, obviously, couldn't leave out mimosas when talking citrus cocktails...Our build your own mimosa bar includes staples like St. Germain and a blood orange sparkling concoction. Again with the blood orange. We can't get enough!


So, there you have it. A slew of citrus flavored drinks that are perfect for today. Happy Vitamin C Day lovelies...Cheers!

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