Mommy Time Monday: Quality Time at the Salon

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What feels better than a shampoo at a salon? Trick question. The answer is nothing. I treated myself to a little taming of the tresses last week. I can tell you I savor my time under the hairdresser's blow dryer. I read gossip magazines, unplug and unwind. The best part...

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My cell phone doesn't get coverage at my salon. So Mr. Momtrends knows where to find me in case of emergency, but I am otherwise unreachable. I'm not one to make chit-chat with my stylist--this is my downtime. I know plenty of moms who schedule a weekly "blow-out" to carve out time for themselves each week. Cheers to you--all the moms with fabulous hair every week--I'm working on it. As for me, I wanted my hair to look especially glam since I was getting a photograph with Audrey McClelland fashionista and mom to 1-2-3-4 boys. Audrey and I are teaming up on a new project---we are the moms behind (but more on that tomorrow).

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