Memory Tips for Moms


Mommy brain is real, and since we often have so much going on it can be challenging to keep our minds fresh. However, after a recent chat with Nelson Dellis, I learned that even moms can improve their memories. As a third-time Memory Champion, Nelson has been able to incorporate the four dimensions of brain health—nourishment, mental engagement, physical activity and social connectedness—into his daily routine. I was amazed to learn that we can re-train our brains, and here are some of Nelson's tips to do so.

1. Think in pictures. The brain prefers pictures, not abstract images (numbers, names, concepts, etc). Turn whatever it is you are trying to remember into a picture. Don't forget to make those pictures crazy, bizarre, funny, erotic - we remember those types of things better!

2. Store them in a familiar place. Take your home, and mentally walk through it while placing the pictures of what you are trying to memorize along a specific path. Then when it comes time to recall the information, just mentally walk right back through the place and your pictures will be waiting there for you.

3. Practice using your memory! As a busy mother, you have plenty of opportunity to memorize things (to-do lists, appointments, names of your children's friends and their parents, etc) so use them! Your brain is like a muscle, you need to use it for it to get stronger!

4. Stay active. Your brain needs blood to work smoothly. Staying fit keeps circulation to the brain at its best.

5. Eat right. Include Omega 3 DHA in your diet. A lot of people think that fish or fish oil pills are the only way to get DHA but in fact there are algal (vegetarian) options. I take Life'sDHA Brain Armor, which is an algal DHA supplement for athletes.

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