A Gift For New Moms


A hot meal. Nicer than any baby blanket or adorable onesies. New moms appreciate hot food cooked or delivered by someone else.

17405ovjj7ndhpu makes it easy to plan, coordinate, schedule, and let people sign up to deliver home-cooked or take-out meals to new parents. You (or a kind friend) create a calendar, set the days and times you'd like food delivered, list any food likes/dislikes or allergies and provide directions and contact information. Insert the email addresses of friends, family and colleagues and let them log-on, sign up and choose a day to deliver you dinner.


People can sign up when they have time, for days that work for them and make changes without having to bother the new parents. Another nice feature that offers is to let friends choose to purchase a gift card to a list of favorite restaurants the recipients provide in case they don't live close by, don't have time to cook or lack any culinary skills.

Best of all, it's simple to use, convenient and free!

Hey, if you can deliver more sleep to a new mom, great. But if not, a hot meal is the next best thing.

Kate Bayless is a writer, editor, gear guru and mom of 3 boys. You can visit her and @katebayless.

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