Making Jam at Home with the Ball Automatic Jam Maker


I am big fan of jam and jelly and specifically homemade and low-sugar varieties. For my wedding, I made 100 jars of homemade jam - boiling, mashing and pureeing it until it become a delicious and fruity gel. It was completely exhausting, especially since I was making them the day before the actual wedding, but I loved having something personal and unique to give our guests. We love the DIY and slow cooker movement.

This year I stepped up my jam making with an incredible line of new canning supplies from Ball. Available at Sears and Kmart Home, the canning line allows consumers to easily and safely control what they make and give their families throughout the year. I especially love this since peanut butter and jelly is a staple in my daughter's lunchbox. In addition to jam, consumers can make tomato sauce, pickles, fruits, marmalade and more.

Making Jam at Home with the Ball Automatic Jam Maker

I tested out the Ball Automatic Jam Maker ($99) that features two setting options - Jam and Jelly/Juice - so you can customize your delicious blend. I opted for a mixed berry blend and following the simple directions created jam in about 45 minutes! This would have been unheard of in my world two years ago, but this innovative product literally does the work for you and moderates the texture through its Smartstir technology that delivers constant stirring without having to constantly watch it. Another bonus is that it has a pre-programmed cooking process that allows you to make up to four cups of jam or jelly. I also enjoyed the recipe booklet for ideas as well as how it has an non-stick interior so clean-up was easy! Since this system is so easy to use, I was excited to try it over-and-over again and plan to create some apricot jams, traditional grape and maybe an apple variety for the fall.

In addition to the jam maker, the line also includes a selection of Wide Mouth Contemporary Styled Glass Preserving Jars With Lids and Bands, a 1 Gallon Jar Commemorative, and the Ball 21 Quart Stainless Steel Waterbath Canner With Rack - making it an easy and economical way to eat seasonal and prepare the freshest possible food for your family.

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