Light Parfait Dessert with Dove Fruit

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The new year is approaching, thus I have many goals in mind and one of those is a cleaner diet. That can be tough with this major sweet tooth of mine. Haha! So, I was elated to learn about DOVE® Whole Fruit Dipped in Dark Chocolate. They come in three varieties of real, whole fruit, including cranberry, cherry and blueberry. DOVE® Fruit uses a divine combination of real fruit dipped in the silky smooth DOVE® Dark Chocolate we all know and love. Just a bite or two of decadent sweetness from this chocolate dipped fruit can satisfy my cravings. And they're the perfect topping for one of my favorite lighter desserts...parfaits.


As I've gotten older I've noticed two things...I prefer dark chocolate to milk chocolate and Greek yogurt to regular yogurt. Thanks to my updated taste buds, I've revamped a dessert that we've been noshing on in our family for years. My favorite parfait used to consist of vanilla yogurt or ice cream, granola and chocolate chips, but I have found myself turning to a more grown up version these days. Behold, my new and improved light parfait dessert recipe...



Vanilla Greek yogurt
DOVE® Fruit



This is about the easiest dessert you can make...Layer the granola and yogurt in your cup and top with the DOVE® Fruit! The final step is to simply enjoy your delicious light parfait dessert!


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