Light Fruit Dip: An Easy Kid Snack


I don't know if getting your kids, especially toddlers, to eat is a tricky venture, but it sure is for this mama! My always on the go lil' lady bean never seems to want to stop long enough to nosh, so I have to make sure what I put in front of her is extra appetizing! That's led to me experimenting a LOT in the kitchen and finding some go-to snacks and meals that I can usually count on her to eat.


One such snack is an easy, healthy fruit dip. I typically take a raspberry yogurt, mix it with a bit of cool whip and serve it with fresh fruit like strawberries. You could also try a variation of my tried and true dip that's just as good. Instead of using raspberry yogurt, mix the Cool Whip with a food pouch. Happy Tot Strawberry, Kiwi, Beet & Pear is a great choice and it will play perfectly with Happy Tot Toddler Cookies.


Did I just say to use cookies as dippers? I sure did! Haha! If my toddler eats her meal, sometimes she gets a treat and I feel better about giving her said treats when there is an organic element to them like there is with Happy Tot cookies! Plus, it doesn't hurt when cookies come in fun shapes. Who can resist a puppy shaped cookie? Not my girl. And I may have indulged in one or two myself. Can you blame me? So, while this easy kid snack is geared toward toddlers, bigger kids and even parents will enjoy it too...making it perfect for play dates!

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