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Our Favorite Kid-Friendly Food Blogs

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Favorite Kid-Friendly Food Blogs

I'm no cook. I'll say it again. I am no cook! So, when I get tired of making the same four dishes over and over, I like to turn to a few truly inspirational food blogs for much needed ideas. I'm looking for a meal for my picky kids and for me and my hubbie. And we don't want to eat mac and cheese for dinner. Here are a few of my favorite kid-friendly food blogs and the recipes that I think my whole family would enjoy.

Chicken Fried Rice by Food for My Family sounds ideal because my two-year-old and five-year-old like chicken and rice. The sprouts and mushrooms will be a problem, so I would take them out and replace with carrots. I think the recipe look scrumptious (sprouts and all). Shaina does a fabulous job showing us with photos and description how to make this easy dish. (Top photo via Food for Family)


Andrea Meyers' Banana Apple Grits looks divine. I love grits, but I've only made the quick kind. She uses stoned ground grits, which I bet are a lot yummier. I would be happy to eat this for dessert or breakfast. My kids would agree. (Photo via Andreas Meyers)


The No Work Chicken recipe on Weelicious had me with the name. And the tasty looking photo. The marinade is made with honey, mustard and ginger and I think my older daughter will say, "Mommy, this is spicy, but in a good way" which is what she says when food has flavor! (Photo via Weelicious.)

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I've never made granola before and haven't even bought it since college, but Shelly from QuickQuickYumYum describes her granola as healthy and a quick well-balanced breakfast (with yogurt) that her kids adore. If I layer it like this in a glass, my girls will think it's a fancy treat.


Shelly makes all her recipes sound so delicious. And doesn't this granola look easy to make? (Both photos via QuickQuickYumYum.)


Puttanesca Baked Cod from The Naptime Chef (the best name for a food blog ever) is right up my alley. Will my kids eat it? I think fish with tomato sauce with fish could work. (I've tried fish without tomato sauce and that didn't work out so well.) If the kids don't like the fish, I could give them the couscous with sauce and cheese and my husband and I will happily enjoy it. Done! (Photo via The Naptime Chef.)

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