Java Mocha Almond Dessert


If I had to pick my favorite food group, it would be coffee. What? That's not a food group? It is in my world. Haha! I live for my daily cups o' Joe and love coffee so much, I'm always trying new ways to brew, cook with and enjoy it. And I particularly love a nice coffee flavored dessert. In fact, I even drink coffee WITH my coffee flavored treats. Haha! It's the best way to end a meal in my book, but I digress...

My mom and I concocted an easy, yet totally delicious mocha almond dessert this weekend. It literally only requires three ingredients. If you're looking to impress dinner guests, or even just your family, with very minimal effort, this dessert is for you! And it's perfect for those warm late spring and summer days that are headed our way. Nothing beats ice cream on a balmy day...Am I right? I chose mocha almond ice cream for this recipe because it's already coffee flavored and adding fresh coffee just amps up the flavor. Double the coffee? Yes please!



brewed coffee (I used Kona coffee)
mocha almond ice cream
chocolate covered espresso beans


1. Scoop the ice cream into the bowls you'll be serving them in. You want the ice cream to be good and frozen so it's less likely to melt right away when the coffee touches it.

2. Pour freshly brewed coffee against the side of the bowl, not directly on the ice cream. That will all the coffee flavor to reach the ice cream without immediately causing a meltdown. It's inevitable that it's going to melt some though...and that's ok. It still tastes incredible even when it's on the softer side!


3. Top with a few chocolate covered espresso beans and enjoy!


I have coffee even more on the brain lately because our Coffee Pinterest board was recently featured in Pinterest's newsletter! So, for even more coffee recipes and inspiration, make sure you check out our board. You'll find new javalicious pins there every day. I promise! If there is one board that I never miss, it's the coffee board. Just sayin'.

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