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As busy moms we are always looking for healthy and fun snack options. During a recent event we had the pleasure to chat and meet with renowned nutrionist, Joy Bauer about her new healthy food company, Nourish Snacks. With a company mantra that says "Eat Happy," Nourish Snacks offers 35 premium, innovative, and delicious snack blends - all of which are perfectly portioned at 200 calories or less, taking the thought and gilt out of snacking! To learn even more about the company, check out our interview with Joy and be sure to use the discount code below where you can save 30% off a one-month membership.

Nourish Snacks
Nourish Snacks

Momtrends: How did the idea for Nourish Snacks come about?

Joy Bauer:First and foremost, I love snacking (who doesn’t?). At the same time, people are always asking me which snack brands can be trusted among the overwhelming assortment in the supermarket. I completely understand that it’s often tricky and time consuming for people to sort through labels and identify suspect ingredients. And sadly, most of the mainstream brands are crammed with junk. So I set out to create a line of yummy snacks that are convenient, delicious, portion-controlled…. and most importantly, loaded with the right stuff. We source the best-of-the-best ingredients from around the world—from naturally sweet dried pineapple from Sri Lanka to crunchy chickpeas from 4th and 5th generation family farms in Idaho and Washington State. And don’t get me started on our 72% dark chocolate from France! Then we season up these items to perfection and thoughtfully craft knockout blends like Cashew Colada (roasted cashews + toasted coconut + dried pineapple), Nutty Nanas (chewy bananas + roasted walnuts dusted in sea salt), and Mr. POPular (half-popped nonGMO corn kernels). Plus, a bazillion more!

Momtrends: What do you (did you) think was missing from the snack industry?

Joy Bauer: A flavorful and trustworthy brand that obsesses over every nutrition detail. That’s Nourish! We truly do obsess over our sourcing, seasoning, nutritionals, etc (in fact, I’m known for driving people a bit crazy…haha). But thanks to all of our thoughtful and strategic formulations, you don’t even have to flip the package around to read the fine print. We’ve done all of the work for you. You’re only job is to sit back, relax and eat happy. Our goal for Nourish Snacks is to become your trusted, real food brand.

Momtrends: What constitutes a great snack?

Joy Bauer: A great snack is delicious, healthy, and makes you feel fabulous! It’s made from wholesome ingredients that offer up nutrients like protein, fiber and antioxidants—and keeps you feeling energized and satisfied for hours. All of our snacks are 200 calories or less and fill you up without weighing you down.

Momtrends: What are some of your favorite snack options for kids?

Joy Bauer: Well, I can tell you what the Bauer kids love most: Granny’s Apple Pie, Coconuts for you, Cocoa Loco, Mr POPular, King Korn, Almonds to Cherries, CINNsational, Monkey Love, and Cowboy Crunch.

Also, my 14-year old daughter, Ayden Jane, is following in her mom’s “fiery-hot” footsteps with a passion for Pistachi-OMG.

And my 7 year-old niece loooooves CINNfully chic.

Momtrends: What is next for Nourish Snacks?

Joy Bauer: A lot more deliciousness! We have a bunch of brand new superstar snacks rolling out in the next few months that you will absolutely love. We also have exciting technology in the works (hint: personalize your snack selection!). Our members are already asking when our snacks will be available in supermarkets and airports. My answer? Stay tuned. And as a mother of 3, I am super excited about adding a nut-free children’s line: Nourish Kids. It’s going to be CINN-sational!

Momtrends: What is your favorite Nourish Snack?

Joy Bauer: This is a tough one. Hmmmmmm, I’m going with Cocoa Loco. The bag is filled with delish chocolately clusters that are ‘superfoodified’ with puffed quinoa, chia seeds, cocoa powder, dark chocolate chips, cacao nibs, and whole grain oats. I’ve had several people ask “are you sure these are healthy?” You bet!

Nourish Snacks
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