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How to Throw a Red Carpet Party


With awards season coming up, now is the perfect time to talk about red carpet soirees. I’m sure you’re not the only one who loves watching awards shows. Am I right? I’d be willing to bet you have a bevy of girlfriends who are just as into them as you are. Why not invite your ladies over for a pretty in pink red carpet party? Thanks to Skinny Cow®, I get to share mine with you...


I love to entertain, but as a busy working mama, I don’t always have the extra hours it can take to pull together a fabulous party, so I’ve really had to hone my entertaining skills. Along the way, I’ve found little shortcuts that save me precious time and effort...and my guests are none the wiser.

Here are my top three tips for throwing a red carpet party:

1. Set a pretty table: All the glam girls in my life definitely appreciate a pretty tablescape, so I decided to go with a feminine, yet punchy pink theme for this awards show get together. Adorn your table with fresh or even faux flowers, like the tissue paper florals I used, to add an extra special touch to your party decor. And using fun serving dishes make a cheese and fruit display, for example, that much more appealing.


2. Serve a signature cocktail: What’s a pretty in pink party without a pink drink? My signature cocktail the “Pink Princess” is super simple to make. Fill a champagne flute a third of the way with raspberry lemonade, then top it off with champagne and a raspberry. Pink sugar rims will give your Pink Princess cocktails an even more festive look.


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3. Supply them with sweets: So, you don’t have time to bake...Who cares?!? Skinny Cow® comes to the rescue with their decadently delicious Skinny Cow® Caramel Divine Filled Chocolates! Simply pile a slew of these to die for chocolates on a platter, garnish with some fresh berries and you’ll have an irresistible sweets presentation. Your guests will marvel over how unbelievably good the Caramel Divine Filled Chocolates are. Mark my words!


What do I love most about awards season? It's all about indulging - from fashion, movies or celebrity news to scrumptious eats. This season, I'm giving the award for 'Most Indulgent Candy' to Skinny Cow® Chocolate Candies. OMG - yum! Make the most of your awards season, indulge and find happiness in every bite.


Now that you’ve seen how fast and easy it can be to throw a red carpet party, are you ready to get one on the books?


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