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Holiday Ready Chocolate and Wine Pairings with Brookside


If there are two things in life that instantly put a smile on my face, beyond my family of course, it's chocolate and wine...My husband and I have had many a pleasant evening at home sharing a bottle and while he might not partake in as much chocolate as I do, it's definitely one of our favorite pairings. That goes double for me and my bestie. We've had some our our best chats all snuggled up on one of our couches, noshing on chocolate and sipping some vino. And now that we've experienced Brookside Chocolate, I do believe we've added a new favorite pairing to our go-tos...


When you're serving wine pairings, pay special attention that the flavors that you will be enjoying together. The smooth dark chocolate and burst of fruit yumminess that make up Brookside chocolates go perfectly with a red like Clos du Bois Pinot Noir. I've always been a fan of the nice, mellow flavor of Pinot Noir and Clos du Bois puts out a lovely Pinot. So, obviously you'll find that being poured at my house to go along with my Brookside Pomegranate and Acai & Blueberry goodies. Haha! And not only on special, no.


You don't have to wait for a special occasion to bring out special chocolate. Any day is a perfect day for Brookside in my book. So, whether you're cookin' up some impromptu romance for you and your honey or planning a dish sesh with your best girlfriend, Brookside chocolate and a bottle of wine make for the perfect finishing touches to your evening. I, for instance, am planning on a wine, chocolate and movie fest with the hubs after the kiddos go to bed tonight. The twinkling lights of our Christmas tree, decadent chocolate and a good bottle of wine...How's that for ambiance?

So, are you ready to try out Brookside for yourself? Well, I have some killer news. We're giving away a gift pack complete with Brookside Chocolates, Red and white wine goblets, Wine bottle caps and a corkscrew. You can enter to win below...For more parings and recipe inspiration from Brookside, head HERE! And don't forget to connect with them on Twitter and Facebook.

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