Earlier this year the hubs and I started training for a couple of races. He's trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon by running the Philadelphia Marathon and I'm running the half that same weekend. Along with our training, we decided to revamp our diets. While we do eat meat occasionally, we tend to turn to veggie dishes, like sweet potato pancakes for instance, more often, and this recipe is one of our favorite plant-based meals. It's super easy to whip up and makes a great breakfast, lunch OR dinner! 

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And one of the primary ingredients is extra virgin olive oil. You can find a slew of different EVOO on the market, by the way, in case you're looking to add a new one to your pantry! 

Sweet Potato Pancake Recipe


2 sweet potatoes
1/4 cup and 1 tsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 tablespoon cinnamon (or more according to preference)
1 teaspoon nutmeg
1 tablespoon ground flax seed
1 tablespoon chia seeds
1 tablespoon hemp seeds
1/3 cup steel cut oats
1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk or other plant based milk (use more/less as needed depending on consistency)

pancake ingredients

Sweet Potato Pancake Directions:

  1. Peel the sweet potatoes, cut into squares and cook in boiling water until soft. You could also take the easy way out and microwave them.
  2. While they are cooking, combine the cinnamon, nutmeg, flax seed, chia seeds, hemp seeds, and oats in a large mix bowl.
  3. When the sweet potatoes are done, add them to the mixture.
  4. Add the olive oil and milk and mix thoroughly. *If the mixture is a little dry, add more almond milk. If the mixture ends up being too moist, add more oats.
  5. Heat a skillet to low-medium and add a teaspoon of olive oil.
  6. Add a scoop of the pancake mixture to the pan and use a spatula to flatten it into a pancake shape.
  7. Cook each side until it is golden brown.

Serve your sweet potato pancakes with avocado, bananas or any other fruit of your choice on top.

sweet potato pancakes


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