Healthy Snacking with NatureBox Home Delivery

naturebox snacks

I found a great delivery snack service. NatureBox is a monthly service that delivers an assortment of healthy and delicious snack foods to your door. I tested out the service. Check out what you get:


Each box has five snacks. Each snack has about 20 servings. The best part is that you can customize your boxes. You share your personal taste and distinct dietary preferences. This is a great resource for vegans, gluten-conscious snackers, and anyone with allergies.


NatureBox makes the hectic back to school season easier by delivering a monthly box of wholesomely delicious snacks right to your door, taking the panic out of packing lunches and making after school snacking stress free. Perfect for busy mom and families! Available online at, monthly subscriptions start at $19.95.

This is a sponsored post.

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