Healthy Snack Choice: Organic Granola


I'm always on the lookout for healthy snack options for my family, so when I was introduced to 18 Rabbits granola, I immediately fell in love. This organic, kid friendly, line of granola and bars is so tasty, grownups and kiddos will gobble it up alike. I like to serve it along with some Greek yogurt and fresh berries!


I had the opportunity to catch up with the , the founder of 18 Rabbits, Alison Bailey-Vercruysse, about her company's mission and why organic granola is such a great snack for kids...

Q: What led you to create your own organic brand.

A: My mother made this amazing granola that was really low in sugar and easy to eat. She got the recipe from her time living in Europe. I never found anything like it so I made my own inspired by the memory.

Growing up, my mom had really severe asthma, so we had to avoid the pesticides and preservatives that could harm her. She raised us on all natural and organic food, and took me to farmers markets where she taught me how to read labels. She said if you don't understand an ingredient on the package than don't buy it.

Q: Why are your products healthier alternatives to snacks that kids often turn to?

A: 18 Rabbits bars and granolas are made with complex carbs, protein rich seeds and fiber from the fruit. We use whole ingredients for taste and nutrition so it's a really clean experience for kids digestion and palate.

Q: What would you say is your post popular product with little ones?

A: I’d have to say that our newest product, Caramel Apple Jr. Organic Granola Cereal is very popular, as well as our Chocolate Banana Jr. Bar and Mango Strawberry Jr. Bar.

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