Healthy On-The-Go Tips for the Holidays

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We love the holidays, but there is also a certain of level of madness to the rushed shopping and constant parties. Another component during this time is working, and as a work-from-home mom I spend a lot of my time in coffee shops. To avoid a constant caffeinated jolt, I have been enjoying Evolution Fresh juices. One of my favorites is Sweet Greens with Lemon where I have been loving this collection of vegetables (celery, kale, cucumber, wheatgrass and much more) along with some apple to give me a much-needed natural boost.

For even more ways to connected and focused, I learned some tips from Kate Schenk, Certified Nutritionist at Starbucks on how to stay healthy - even during the most crazy time of the year.

Start a Daily Green Juice HabitWhen you can’t eat all your greens, consider incorporating a green juice into your diet to help provide those nutrients we all need, especially before heading to the office holiday party.Essential Greens with Lime and Sweet Greens with Lemon cold-pressed juices from Evolution Fresh are great grab-on-the-go options. Pick one up at your neighborhood Starbucks store or Whole Foods Market before heading to your next festivity.

Stay Hydrated:With hectic schedules, endless travel plans and all the running around during the holiday season, it’s important to stay hydrated. For a boost of hydration, reach for Pineapple Coconut Water, which is an excellent source of Vitamin C and a good source of Vitamin K. Evolution Fresh also offers Sweet Burn, a new Whole Foods exclusive that packs a punch of cayenne.

Pack Your Snacks:You never know what holiday delays may hit, so having a healthy snack on hand will help keep you from grabbing that bag of chips or box of sweets. Look for healthy, on-the-go options like Evolution Harvest bars and trail mixes. Available at Starbucks stores nationwide, these snacks are perfect to grab with your morning coffee and can come in handy when the TSA line is out the door.

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