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Health News for Moms


Attending a press lunch at Cornell's NYC campus is likely to result in getting some good inside scoop. We attended the event marking the 10th Anniversary of Iris Cantor Health Center and were treated to two sets of riveting speakers. First we heard from the doctors behind the book A Baby at Last. Dr. Rosenwaks broke down the status of fertility science. And here's the news moms: Don't wait until you are in your late 30s if you want good odds to conceive.


"Women cannot afford to wait to become pregnant," said Dr. Rosenwaks. The single most important factor is AGE. Chart after chart showed the drastic drop of fertility from in a woman's 20s to her 30s. We've only got a finite amount of eggs ladies. Though our skin may be botoxed and our butts as firm as a 20 year old's our eggs can't be tricked. Dr. Rosenwaks says there's a"Chronological age and ovarian age."

I know and you know life and careers get in the way. But it's a woman's dilemma. If we wait until age 45 we have a 60% chance of miscarriage. Despite what the Hollywood moms mat say, IVF works only 5.6% of the time at age 45. At this advanced age it's all about egg donation. An old mom gets a young egg donated and placed into the primed uterus of an older woman. The good news--this technique will give results of 50+%. We're thinking that's what Kelly Preston did (just a guess, she was 47 with this last baby).

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On the science front, Dr. Rosenwaks believes stem cells are the future. "We will be able to manufacture an egg from a stem cell," the doctor said. So maybe there is hope for our daughters if they put career ahead of kids.

Doctor Marc Goldstein co-author of the book spoke about male infertility.He stressed that paternal age is important in infertility too. Men over the age of 45 twice risk of down syndrome 5x risk of autism. So don't think you are in this aging process alone.


The Skinny on Losing Weight Without Being Hungry is the hot book from Dr. Louis Aronne. He shared his skepticism about the new Dukan Diet'?? and called it the Atkins diet with oat bran. Basically, this diet has no trials nor studies to support its purported success.

Here's what works: "The best diet is the diet you like the best'??the diet that works for you." Dr. Aronne is working on a new BMIQ program--a comprehensive online program delivered by registered dieticians. The program works with a referring physician to juggle medications and to provide a 360 look at a patient's health. We hope this is a trend'??highly responsible management of patients. And here's a little tip: Eat your vegetables first.

Momtrends was not paid for this post. We did get some books at the event.

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