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Happy International Coffee Day!

If your coffee tastes a little better today, there's a good reason. It's International Coffee Day! We're celebrating our favorite start to the morning by bringing you some of our latest and greatest finds from the coffee world.

Whether you're looking for the smoothest cup of coffee, a foolproof way to make machiattos at home, or the best new way to take your joe on the road, we've gathered up everything you need to make every day a caffeinated celebration.

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Bialetti: We're big fans of our French Press, but lately, we've been won over by a new way to make our coffee. The stovetop Bialetti Moka, now available in vivid new colors. This compact espresso maker makes one of THE smoothest cups of coffee we've tasted and is so simple to use. Add water to the bottom, grounds to the basket and set on the stovetop for about 4 minutes. When the water boils up to the top compartment, your espresso is ready. Its eight-sided design diffuses the heat evenly, it's easy to pour and clean, and creates a clean, smooth cup of coffee. The original Moka is stainless steel, but we love these new colorful options for the 6-cup size in red, orange, blue and purple. Available at and Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Mr. Coffee: As nice as it may be to have someone else make your latte or cappuccino for you every morning, going out for coffee costs you time and money. If you're intimidated by the thought of brewing your own espresso and steaming milk, set those fears aside. The Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista makes crafting espresso drinks at home a breeze - especially if you like to personalize your drink with almond, coconut or rice milk. We love the compact, counter-friendly design of the Cafe Barista and its ability to easily make single or double shot espressos, cappuccinos or lattes with the push of a button. The Cafe Barista pulls the perfect shot every time and froths milk to your desired temperature and frothiness. All you have to do is sip and enjoy! Plus we're loving the ideas in the included recipe book - espresso martinis or raspberry cappuccinos, anyone? Available at Amazon.

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Bonjour cups

BonJour: Unless you've ordered it iced, cold coffee is a sad affair. To keep our espresso, lattes and coffee hot, we're loving BonJour's line of heat-retaining Double-Wall Glassware. The double-wall glass design also helps prevent heat and condensation rings from forming on tables. The new cups come in pairs and are available in three sizes - 6-oz. espresso, 8-oz. cappuccino and 12-oz. latte cups. Plus the glass design lets you see just how perfect your creme is. Available at Pots And Pans.

Keurig: We've all been there. Sometimes the process of making coffee in the morning can be tricky without first having, well, coffee. Keurig makes making coffee simple. With their new Keurig 2.0 K500 Series you now have the ability to either make a single cup of coffee or a whole carafe, all with one machine. We love the simplicity and versatility of the new Keurig and that it still looks just as sleek and slim on our counter. For one cup in the morning cup or a carafe of decaf for the girls at book club at night, the Keurig 2.0 has you covered. Check out our video review of the new system below. Available at Amazon.


Camelbak: Taking your coffee to go? Camelbak has entered the coffee market with their brand new premium travel mug, the Forge. Available in two sizes (12oz and 16oz), the Forge has double-wall vacuum insulation, an impact cap to protect against damage from drops, and a self-sealing lid that is easy to clean to avoid build up from sugar and dairy. We love its sleek look, leakproof design and ability to take keep our tea and coffee just the way we like it - pipping hot. Available soon at Amazon.


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trücup Coffee: Love coffee but hate how your stomach feels afterwards? trücup roasting company is the only company in the US that offers a low-acid coffee that can be a great option for individuals who experience gastrointestinal issues. The all-natural, patented process uses only water and steam to greatly reduce the specific irritating substances that cause heartburn and indigestion while leaving in all of the aroma, taste, and caffeine. Acid out, yum in. trücup is available in six different blends:

trucup  low acid coffee
        Mild Roast: Born to Be Mild
        Medium Roast: Stuck in the Middle*
        Bold Roast: Heart of Bold*
        French Roast: Dark as Night
        Espresso Blend: You’ve Got A Blend
        Decaf: Fake It to the Limit (which is not low-acid )

      To learn more, visit or buy at Amazon.

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