Got Milk?


Big News! I'm thrilled to announce I'm working for the iconic Milk Mustache campaign (check out my mustache from BlogHer 2010!) while at BlogHer 2011 in San Diego. Yes indeed, I'm going to be a '??Milk Advocate'? at BlogHer and I'm going to get the chance to interview the next "Got Milk Mom" in September--but more on that later. For now, let's talk about how milk is a part of this blogger's busy life. Of course milk is a huge part of our nutritional game plan. In addition to milk and cereal and milk poured as the beverage of choice for the kids, I'm also a smoothie fanatic. Check it out...

This week at BlogHer11 I'll be spreading the love as a Milk Advocate. What does that mean for you? Bump into me (but don't spill my milk) and I will share goodies from the Got Milk team promoting the milk Thanks-A-Latte program.

Look for me at BlogHer. It's the Milk Mustache way to thank the mom blogging community for supporting MILK.And be sure to "LIKE" the Milk Mustache page on Facebook to keep on all the news.


Full Disclosure: I have been compensated by MilkPEP to spread the love at BlogHer and write about the Thanks-A-Latte program.

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