GoGo Juice: An All-Natural Pear Juice for Kids

GoGo Juice

GoGo Juice

Finding a juice product that is actually just plain juice is pretty impossible. Most products, even those that say 100% juice, are actually packed with ugly-sounding preservatives and chemicals '?? basically providing your kids with an unnecessary dose of sugar (and not much else). Enter GoGo Juice, a 100% natural juice that is just that - peeled pears and vitamin C (added to prevent browning) without soy or corn. Started by Betty Chen, a mom who wanted to do her '??own thing'? after the economic downturn in 2008 decided to create healthy juices knowing how difficult it is to find affordable, non-toxic juices for her own kids. Using only certified organic peeled pears, GoGo Juice has a simple manufacturing process: pears are peeled, seeded and placed into a big pot and mashed to extract the juices. Through natural juicing methods, GoGo Juice is then heated, bottled and labeled '?? a natural and simple process that the founder says is made similar to how you could make juice at home.

The pear juice myself and my daughter tried, available in a 32 ozbottle, was a refreshing a light and mildly sweet beverage that essentially tasted like a pear '?? with no sugary taste or chemicals that popular lines of juice contain. I usually water down my daughter'??s juice so she didn'??t really notice a difference when I diluted her GoGo drink and the company actually recommends that you add 40% water in order to cut unnecessary calories and of course save money since you don'??t have to use as much juice. (The company is looking to make a 16oz ready-to-drink bottle with 60% juice and 40% water).

Families with will love that GoGo Juice comes in comes in a BPA-free bottle gluten-free and casein-free '?? making it great for kids and families that follow a special diet. Being a natural juice, it is also great for a balanced diet '?? providing families with a pure and healthy drink option. Now that'??s something we can drink to.

To learn more about GoGo Juice, please visit:www.gogojuice.com

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