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It has been a hectic few weeks. We're planning a move, school is ending and we've got tons of travel planned. The Chief Operations Officer at Casa de Momtrends (that's would be me) is feeling a little overwhelmed. I was so pleased to see a box from my friends at Gregory White PR. Inside was a sample of two wines from Gilgal Vinyards.

I'm not a wine connoisseur or a wine snob. I like what I like. Wine should have some complexity, but don't expect me to find hints of leather or faint notes elderberry. Do you know what I mean? We want wine that works well with food, doesn't cost a fortune and surprises us a little. We tried the 2009 Gilgal Chardonnay ($15.99). I'm not a fan of really oaky chards. This one was more fruity and made for a lovely rooftop drink after a long week. Cheers! Perfect with fish and lighter summer meals.

And we also got a bottle of the 2007 Cab. Paired with a roast pork with apples, this was a lovely treat. Drinkable, tasty and priced for every day consumption.

The Gilgal mission is to bring the magic of the Golan to American consumers. And to show the world the excellence of Israeli wines. Golan Heights Winery imports vines from California and places them in their rich soil. Chief Winemaker Victor Schoenfeld is the architect of this vineyard's offerings. Schoenfeld'??s philosophy is that, '??High quality is not enough'?¦wine is most interesting when it is a reflection of a certain place.'?

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