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How to Get Dinner on the Table Fast

If there is one time of day that it's super stressful in my household, it's dinner time. And even though school's out for summer, the dinner hour is still just as hectic for us as it was during the school year. We may not have getting ready for class the next day to contend with, but we do have camps to rush off to and lessons to fit in. So, as much as I would like to say that we're enjoying lazy summer days, the truth is, that we're pretty darn busy most of the time. And that's why I need to be able to get dinner on the table fast!

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On that note, this mama needs less stress and more ease when it comes to preparing meals in the evening. Thank goodness for the Gobble meal kit service! My family had the opportunity to try it out recently and I'm not kidding when I say you can have a delicious home cooked meal on the table in just 15 minutes! How incredible is that? Because while speediness is a factor in my ideal dinner, I don't want to have to sacrifice on flavor. Nor do I want to feed my family loads of processed ingredients. With Gobble dinner kits, I can count on fast, easy, FRESH well-balanced meals that look like I spent some serious time in the kitchen.

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In fact, I thought you might like to take a look at a few of the Gobble meals we dined on. There was a little something for everyone. For the meat lovers there was a nice steak dish and chicken for those looking for something a little lighter, as well as a frittata for the brinner (breakfast for dinner) lover. And the best part about Gobble's weekly meal options is that you can tailor them to your family's preferences! So, you know you're always going to get meals that they'll enjoy.

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Remember when I mentioned how easy the Gobble 3 step recipes are? They're so easy, in fact, you can get your kids in on the action! And that's just what I did when my box arrived. My daughter joined me for a little cooking lesson and had a blast helping my mama and I whip up the tasty meals we served our family that night. I do believe we might have a budding chef on our hands, but I digress...

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50% Off Discount Code

If you too need to get dinner on the table fast, I urge you to give Gobble dinner kits a whirl. And I have great news! If you're on the west coast you can use the discount code, MOM50, right now for 50% off your first six Gobble meals. The rest of the country will be able to try it out soon too as Gobble is expanding nationally this summer. So, never fear my dear East Coast friends. Your time is coming!

How to Make Dinner

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