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FunBites: Fun-Sized Cutters for Mealtime

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Some kids like no crust, while others want fun shapes. My daughter likes triangles but she gets a kick out of using sandwich shape cutters to break up the look of her standard peanut butter and jelly. We recently tested had the chance to have fun with our lunch shapes with FunBites, a new cutter that effortless cuts bread, cheese, meat, and sandwiches (to name a few) into bite-sized shapes in less than 10 seconds.

Designed by a Bobbie Rhoads, a mom, who wanted to make eating fun for her picky eater to create a cutter that makes food look neat and even and fun for kids. Available in two shapes (Cube It and Luv It), the cutter allows virtually any food like cheese, fruit, quesadillas, hamburgers, pancakes, tofu, and pizza to be crafted into cute sizes that can help kids eat healthy food by making eating fun and compact.

My daughter is also picky when it comes to some foods so I was excited to test the Luv It and Cube It cutters on some foods like veggie sandwiches with hummus as well to create fun fruit salad. Although my daughter loves hummus, she can be picky if it is in a sandwich. After I made a traditional sandwich with vegetables (carrots and peppers) and some hummus on whole-wheat bread I then used the Luv It cutter to create 12 bite-sized sandwich squares. Equipped with curved blades, the sandwich was so easy to cut that also instantly popped out. I then used the cute heart-shaped Luv It cutters to create healthy fruit salad with some cantaloupe, watermelon, apples and pears. My daughter loved her new heart-shaped fruit and she devoured the sandwich bites. I was really shocked since there was no whining or complaining about lunch, but rather, she was excited to eat and even had fun counting the little hearts that the FunBites cutter created. I am all about healthy eating with my daughter so I really appreciated that lunch was made easier and fun for both of us.

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In addition to the fun shapes, I loved how the cutter could be used on virtually any food - and not just on sandwiches. There are a ton of sandwich cutters on the market so it was exciting to use a product that goes beyond that and offers a way for kids to experiment with new foods and have fun with the cute shapes.

More about FunBites:

  • Works best on flat surfaces
  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA-free

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