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We've got a festive 4th of July Recipe to share. Expert party planner and home-entertaining guru Cathy Riva (former host of Discovery Home'??s '??Party Girl'?) has teamed up with Sauza Tequila to give us tips for a 4th of July that will sparkle. We want to turn your patriotic party into the bash of the summer with the festive Red, White, & Sauza Blue Margarita, plus we've got some great entertaining tips.

The Red, White, & Sauza Blue Margarita

1 ½ parts of Sauza Blue® Silver Tequila
2 parts cranberry/ raspberry juice
8 mint leaves for garnish
1 part lemon-lime soda

Method of Preparation: Combine all ingredients except mint leaves in a pitcher. Serve each glass with 2 mint leaves. Serve cold or iced.


Cathy Riva'??s Effortless 4th of July Party Planning Tips

Décor: Choose one signature color (red) for festive plates, colorful napkins, and tablecloths'??then accent with blue and white cups, utensils, votive candle holders, and of course American flags. Avoid being too matchy-matchy.

Setting: Keep the bugs away with decorative red citronella candles light them about an hour before all the guests show up to avoid any mosquito mishaps!

Menu: Don'??t feel limited to burgers and franks'??try grilling salmon kebobs, terrific sesame tofu, and veggie kebobs (seriously!). This year'??s summer salad is one of my favorites-Heirloom Tomato Salad. It'??s a fresh, easy to make summer salad and can add a pop of red to your table. (If you can't find heirloom tomatoes a ripe beef steak tomato works too.)

TIP: Extend your menu by adding last minute easy sides. Have chips and dip handy between courses.

For dessert? Release your inner child with these fun desserts in red, white and blue'??red velvet whoopee pies, ice pots, and frozen watermelon scoops. These delicious treats can also double as decor! Pies are also huge this summer.

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