Friday Feast: Turkey Soup Momtrends Style

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Making turkey soup after Thanksgiving is a long-standing tradition in my family. This year was no different. I start with the turkey carcass, leftover meat, and gravy. From there, I look to see what I've got on hand and start throwing it in the pot! This year I had a bunch of leftover parsley--in it went, and so on.

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water (enough to cover carcass) about an 1" from the top of a large soup pot
left over gravy
turkey meat
2-4 carrots peeled and diced
1-2 onions diced

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2-4 celery stalks diced
1 bunch parsley

As I said, every year this recipe changes a bit. This year I added the parsley, last year it was some potatoes. The basic idea is to boil the meat in a big saucepan and then turn the heat down to a simmer until about half the liquid cooks off (no one likes watery soup). I let the mix cool for a bit and then pull the meat off the bones and discard the bones. Then I add the vegetables and seasoning and let simmer for another hour or two. Nothing is exact in this calculation.

I freeze the soup. When I am ready to serve it I thaw in the fridge and then serve it with some fresh egg noodles (boiled separately and added to thawed soup) or lentils (again, prepared separately and added to soup). It's especially delightful on a cold, snowy day.

I hope you'll link up with a food post of your own from the week. It doesn't have to be a recipe. Feel free to add a food review or another kitchen/food related item.

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