Freshology: Fresh and Healthy Food Delivered Right to Your Door


I love to cook for my family, but it can get exhausting with all the prep, complaining about what I make (them) and then the inveitable clean-up. Ineventiability, I opt for take-out or very simple dinners on days that I need a break, but I recently discovered a way to meet both of my needs for healthy food for my family with pre-packaged meals from Freshology, the healthy gourmet meal delivery service.

How it works is simple. You pick a program (either FreshMommy, The Waltz, Freshology Gold or The Edge (both for weight loss) where they provide you with fresh meals. I opted for the FreshMommy program and received three days of meals including breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner and dessert. Prior to signing up I completed a survey that was customized to the way my family and I eat. I picked a variety of options from salmon to chicken and within days our food bundle was delivered with delicious options like Asian Salad, Capresse Salad, Beef with Rice, Spinach, Shittake and Gruyere Egg Stack, Cheery Cheesecake, Salmon with Spinach, Spinach Salad, Fruit Salad with Vanilla Ricotta, and more that was all perfectly portioned. The beauty of the system is that they also offer amazing flexibility by offering meals for nursing moms, moms who want to lose weight, or those that want to feed their families the best possible foods. This includes foods that are made from all-natural proteins with no added hormones or antibiotics. You also won't get bored with the meal options because you can customize them to your palate and they are offered in a 28-day meal rotation cycle. The meals are also prepared by top chefs are a big fan amongst celebs like Ricki Lake, Pink and Katy Perry.

Another fun aspect of the system is that they taste like adult food. Often I cater to my kids, and offer them less-than-sophisticated options. With Freshology all of our meals were meet and I was able to enjoy a luxurious meal without having to prep it myself.

Mealtime is a struggle, but with Freshology you can rest assured that you are feeding your kids the best possible foods while also offering them healthy and clean options.

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