Our Favorite Beer Drink Recipes


I'm a beer lover through and through. Sure I Iove my wine as much as the next girl, case in point my orange wine spritzer from last week, but I most often find myself craving a nice cold beer more than anything else. And craft beer, in particular, is my jam. Now craft brews, of course, taste simply divine on their own, but they're just as lovely as part of a beer drink. So, seeing that it's Saturday night, the perfect night for mixin' up new drinks, I thought I would share a few of my favorite easy beer drink recipes!

black and tan

Black and Tan...What do you get when you pair a pale with a stout? You get a black and tan of course! If you want to recreate this fun ombre look, it's all about the pour! In this case, the back of a spoon is your best friend! Click through for the play by play.

pinnk shandy drink recipe

Pink Lemonade Shandy...Like most of us, I'm hanging on to summer for dear life and what says summer more than a refreshing Shandy? Our pink lemonade version is just as delicious as the classic recipe and totally a fun take on a summer drink!

beer pops

Strawberry Beer Pops...Now this is a new one to me and I can't wait to try it thanks to Sunny Sweet Days. I don't always turn to super sweet brews, but it's sheer genius to freeze strawberry flavored beer into pops. Who doesn't love an ice cold pop on a hot day? That goes double if it's made from beer. Haha!

There you have it...Three of our favorite beer drink recipes. If you're a beer fan like moi, I challenge you to give one of these super easy recipes a try!

And for more cocktail fun, head over to The Shopping Mama for Saturday Sips!

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