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One Potato Family-Friendly Meal Kit

One Potato Family-Friendly Meal Kit

Our fall schedule is bananas, I need a little help in the kitchen. I am thrilled to share my test run with One Potato family-friendly meal kit. It's an organic delivery service for families that want to give their kids the best AND still want to be involved in meal prep.

With One Potato you'll get fresh, pre-portioned meal kits straight to your door with recipe options that the whole family will love. On our test-run, we got three recipes. I'm featuring the Falafel with Hummus and Babaganoush.


Before we get to the food, let me tell you my expectations were high. The company is Founded by Catherine McCord, the founder of the widely popular recipe blog Weelicious and cookbooks like Weelicious: 140 Fast, Fresh and Easy Recipes(2012). Catherine cares about food, I was anxious to see how she could pull this off.

The food arrived in a HUGE brown box with freezer packs. Everything was incredibly fresh. We only had one casualty--a squished tomato. Everything else was perfect. We received three meals and everything was clearly marked and bundled.

Inside the Falafel recipe bag, everything was measured and chopped, ready to prepare. Our job was mixing and cooking. Shopping and assembling are completely taken out of the equation. This means you get all the fun and enjoyment of cooking without all the hassles. All the ingredients were neatly labeled, and perfectly portioned to reduce waste.

Here's how it looked:


One Potato strives to make meal prep an easy activity that the entire family can accomplish together. I got my junior chef involved. She was happy to chop and prep and followed along with the printed instructions. She assembled the entire salad, made most of the couscous and made the falafel patties.

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It's easy to follow along with the colorful instructions. There were plenty of pictures too--they were quite helpful for both me and my daughter.

 One Potato Family-Friendly Meal Kit

This recipe was brand new to us. We had so much fun getting messy and making the falafels. My kids would never have eaten these if there weren't a lot of hands on mess-making in the process. We made couscous, a mixed salad and falafels.


In the end, we had a delicious handmade meal that was bursting with flavor. I think we saved about an hour since we didn't have to shop and assemble ingredients. We got to do the fun stuff--mixing, squishing and setting out all the dips. Oh the dips. This was huge. I didn't have to buy or make all three dips, saving me tons of time and money.

As promised, the meal took us about 30 minutes to prep. Everything was scrumptious. My only issue--it was too much food. There was food for 8! Even with leftovers spread out over the next two days, we had to throw some food away. We just couldn't work through it all. The couscous was lovely reheated, but the salad got wilted.

Our box included two other meals too--quesadillas with a meatless chicken (that was a little weird and NOT a hit with the kids) and squash ravioli (yum). I was happy to try the vegetarian option (we do eat meat, but try to go vegetarian one night a week). I wanted to see how One Potato could make veggies interesting--and they did it with color, variety and lots of fun dips and dressings.

Other recipes include Polenta Lasagna with Arugula Salad, Steak Fajitas with Spanish Brown Rice, and Turkey Tonkatsu with Jade Green Rice and Asparagus.

Right now One Potato is in beta mode in NYC. It is currently available in California and select markets in Nevada and Arizona, The real deal is coming soon. When you order, your'll specify the size of your family and your meal preferences. One Potato will send you an email with pictures and recipes of the incredibly delicious dinners you’ll be having the following week.

This is not a sponsored post.

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