Eco-Friendly Lunch Bags


A little light reading might inspire you to BYOB (bring your own bag) and skip the plastic sacks {head to to see a full decomposing numbers}. It'll take about 500 years to break down the plastic bag you use to pack your child's snacks. And the thing is, it is so very easy to break this habit. All it takes is a few pieces of fabric.

We went on the hunt for some fresh and eco-friendly alternatives (we've written about this before here and here) to inspire you to finish off Earth Month with a bang! Well, we hit the Etsy jackpot. The little numbers from the feature are from UldeYrth and go for $8.50 each.

SeaCute had these swell pirate sandwich bags ($4 each!). Plastic wrap cannot compete with these cool dudes.


Earth Swag is the easy and adorable solution. We've taken the plastic-free pledge at our school. So snacks and sandwiches go in re-usable containers and sacks such as the Bug Sandwich Wrap $11.99

earth swag

Get inspired to break the plastic habit! And here's one last idea--sew your own (if you're into that sort of thing). Here's a link to see the DIY instructions. Happy snacking.

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