This year's epic snow storm might have come and gone, but it's still pretty darn cold out there...Am I right? And who knows when we'll be blanketed with even more powder, so I've decided to dedicate today's cocktail to everyone who is feeling the chill tonight...And also to anyone who appreciates a nice hot cuppa java! I know I'm not the only java junkie out there, so let's talk about Irish Coffee...

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Easy Irish Coffee Recipe

As an avid coffee drinker, I'm a big fan of any hot drink, but when you combine my beloved coffee with a healthy little nip of whiskey...well, you can say I'm a happy girl. I'm not sure why I've never made Irish coffee before. I typically have all of the ingredients on hand at any given time, so now that I've seen just how easy this oh so warming cocktail is to whip up, you can bet I'll be partaking in more than once this winter!


Easy Irish Coffee Ingredients:

8 oz. brewed coffee
1.5 oz. Irish whiskey
1 tsp. brown sugar
whipped cream

irish coffee

Easy Irish Coffee Recipe Directions:

Simply mix the brown sugar and whiskey in with the coffee and top it with whipped cream. I wasn't kidding when I said it was easy! Now all you have to do is fix another one for your honey, cuddle up on the couch and let the Netflix fest begin. Or is that just what I'll be doing tonight? Haha!


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Easy Irish Coffee Recipe

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