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easter feast

We've been integrating Foodily.com into our meal plan since the beginning of the year. Now I can't imagine living without this resource. I simply conjure up a food thought and Foodily gives me gorgeous photos and limitless suggestions.

This week I played around with an Easter Menu. Take a look at what I selected above. I started with ramps--a seasonal treat. These veggies are very trendy right now and also plentiful. Since they've got a sharpish taste, I wanted a recipe that added some richeness. I love this one for Ramp Butter from www.seriouseats.com. This spread can be made in bulk, frozen and used on pasta or bread long after ramps have disappeared.


Since ham is a classic Easter dish, I went on the prowl for a glazed ham that both the kids and adults would enjoy. Martha Stewart supplied the recipe--there's a great video link on her page--and I would have never found this gem without Foodily. I was able to share this recipe on Facebook to get feedback from friends on my menu.


Finally, I was reading Bon Appetit this weekend and I was intrigued by a dessert called a "fool." I learned that a fool is a classic British dessert that always involves fruit, whipped cream and egg whites. I searched Foodily for "fool" and came up with tempting options. Since I'm a raspberry lover, this recipe from Fine Cooking fit the bill.

I've got an enviable menu and I didn't have to break a sweat. Now all I need to do is shop, cook and hide the Easter eggs.

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