How to Make Olaf Pancakes


As a busy working mama, I cherish my weekends with my family...especially the Saturday mornings we get to spend together. There is nothing quite like waking up a little early to fix myself a steaming cuppa Joe while I wait for my babies to sleepily shuffle out of their rooms. By then my hubs has usually started to whip up breakfast and, more often than, not it’s a big old batch of his delicious pancakes.


Being that it’s still all Disney Frozen all the time for my little girl, we decided that a Disney Frozen themed breakfast complete with Olaf pancakes would be a fun surprise for her! And how lucky are we that Bounty Prints Featuring Disney Frozen products are available? They were just what we needed to set off our themed breakfast. The prints are just darling, of course, but being that it’s Bounty, we know we can trust them to tackle any mess! Not only is Bounty two times more absorbent than the leading ordinary brand, but that means the roll can last 50% longer. Score! Thanks to Bounty, our breakfast clean up time time was quick and, most importantly, FUN!


But first, let’s start with how to make those Olaf pancakes I mentioned...Mix up a batch of your favorite pancake batter. Next, fill a squeeze bottle with the batter. My husband, being the breakfast maestro that he is, used the batter filled squeeze bottle to free form create Olaf’s face. The Bounty Prints Featuring Disney Frozen that adorned our napkins proved to be all the inspiration he needed! And the paper towels helped me clean up after him. Bwah!


After that we used cut up bananas and strawberries, as well as chocolate chips and bacon pieces to bring Olaf to life. As you can see, our little Disney Frozen lover couldn’t have been more thrilled with her special breakfast. By adding extra little touches like bow bedecked milk bottles, complete with icy colored straws, and Bounty Prints Featuring Disney Frozen, everything at our Disney Frozen breakfast table was perfectly on theme!

Our friends at Bounty want to give one of you a fun prize to encourage you to get a little messy with your kids on your Saturday mornings! One person will win a prize pack of Bounty prints featuring Disney Frozen, snowflake cookie cutters and fun Disney Frozen items like a water coloring book, Frozen sing-along, Frozen Northern Lights book and Frozen-themed ice cream maker! This prize pack is valued at approximately $100!

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