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Diet Disasters Help: Smart Eating with Weight Watchers Sweet Baked Goods Treats

holiday diet tips

According to WebMD the average American can consumes approximately up to 4,500 calories and 229 grams fat from eating a traditional holiday dinner--that's in one sitting! Yikes. What’s your plan to keep the weight off this holiday? This holiday I’m not depriving myself of tasty treats, I’m just planning a smart strategy that includes Weight Watchers Sweet Baked Goods.

Studies show that the average American gains 1 to 2 pounds during the holiday season. If you don’t start eating with intention and mapping out a plan for diet success, you might be sad come the January weigh in.

Diet Disasters--What mistakes do we make during the holiday season that lead to gaining weight? Tips to avoid the diet pitfalls of tempting buffets and non-stop treat exposure.

prep your water

Spritzers: Cut up your favorite citrus or fruit and stash it in the fridge. Rather than reaching for juice or soda, pour yourself some flat or bubbly water and add colorful and flavorful fruit.

Prep crudité: This is my plan for packing lunches for the kids and for me. On Sunday I wash and slice all sorts of veggies and store them in the crisper. Our favorites are orange and red peppers, carrots and celery. When it’s time to pack the kids’ lunches or snacks, it’s fast and easy. And then I place them in my salads too.

chopping peppers

Keep the fruit handy: crisp fall apples are still plentiful and clementines are just arriving in stores. Rather than reaching for chips, grab a colorful sweet snack that appeals to your eyes as well as your taste buds.

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keep fruit on the counter

Snack Attack: You know all those small and cute plastic storage containers you have in your pantry. Use them! I mix up almonds and raisins before I head to the gym. After my workout, I snack on the healthy mix. It saves money and the temptation of getting a croissant at the local cafe as I head to work.

on the go snacks

Portioned Desserts: Left to my own devices I have been know to over-serve myself dessert. Thankfully, the Weight Watchers Brownie Bliss has 90 calories. You’ll feel like you’re indulging yourself with none of the guilt.

on the go snacks from weight watchers

Enjoy your holiday season and all the tasty goodies that are coming your way. With a little planning and some smart shopping you can look fabulous after you’ve been to all the holiday parties. Use these tips and map out a plan. When I know I have a big event at night I always pack up my own salad for lunch. I get the prewashed lettuce to further simplify the process. My advice is save the calories where you can. If you think the dinner might be full of tempting treats, don’t rely on your resolve. Rely on a plan. And don’t think you have to sacrifice flavor when you eat smart. All of our tips are flavorful.

I want to feel satisfied and indulged not like I’m restricting myself.

There are more smart options from Weight Watchers Sweet Baked Goods including Triple Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Mint Chocolate Brownie Bliss™, Chocolate, Lemon, Carrot and Red Velvet Crème Cakes, Chocolate Brownie, Coffee Cake, and Cookies.

This is an unscripted sponsored post for Weight Watchers Sweet Baked Goods.

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