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Date Night Ideas: Supper Club at Vincenzo's Supper Club

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I've mentioned before that my husband and I are trying to get better about having regular date nights. The list of excuses are long, so I was thrilled when we couldn't think of any when I heard all about Vincenzo's Supper Club. Run by Hearth and Table, a small Brooklyn based catering company and local food delivery service for families in Manhattan and Brooklyn, with a mission to "bring us, as a culture and a society back to the table" the supper club offered an alternative to the restaurant scene with a focus on a creative menu and community that we will always treasure.

Created by Jessica Mattheus, Heart and Table is dedicated to using only locally sourced provisions. This also includes a monthly supper club that Jessica hosts in her home called Vincenzo's Supper Club featuring unique cocktails, creative appetizers and seasonal menus inspired by the Mediterranean and coasts of Latin America.

Started in Italy when Jessica and her husband lived there when he attended college, the bungalow where they lived was called Vincent's House where a dinner took place every Friday night for 15 Euros. This tradition continued when they back to Brooklyn with the idea to focus on community, good food and unique experiences.

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My husband and I had the pleasure to enjoy a Mexican-themed supper club where we were treated to spicy mezcal margarita with hickory smoked salt created by bartender, Josh Sontag. As for the food, we were in for a treat as we enjoyed an upscale "Taco Night" complete with black bean, jalapeño and cilantro dip served with homemade tortilla chips to start and a delicious jicama and mango salad with lime cilantro vinaigrette. Set on her wooden table, we enjoyed an incredible taco station complete with Stewed adobo chicken, Hertiage pork and chorizo, Aji and garlic seared shrimp and grilled garlic and smoked paprika portobello mushrooms that we could top with pistachio guacamole, Pico de gallo, shredded cabbage, slow roasted garlic mojo , pickled red onion, Oaxacan cheese and roasted tomato and serrano pepper aioli. The food was absolutely delicious and definitely unlike anything I have ever had before. I really loved the beans and shrimp and was really impressed by the guacamole.

In addition to the food, my husband and I loved the casual vibe and environment of the supper club where we were able to meet some new people in a relaxing setting. If we went to a restaurant we would likely pay more than the cost of this supper club, and be rushed out afterwards. At the Vincenzo's Supper Club we were able to chat, walk around, and eat at our leisure. As someone who cooks a lot at home, I really appreciated her creative use of ingredients as well as a beautiful presentation. She knows food, and it was clear that it was her passion - her heart.

As for their catered events, Hearth & Table offers affordable meals due to their relationships with local merchants who meet their need for high quality. They also offer a unique food delivery service as an extension of Jessica's home cooking, which is ideal for families who seek fresh and high quality ingredients, but may be too busy or have challenges cooking.

Hearth and Table was a wonderful way for us to enjoy a new experience together as well as connect with a new community with a focus on creative food and wholesome ingredients.

Momtrends was not paid for this post. We were given a complimentary dinner.

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