Cute Kitchen Essentials from the Squish Collection


We're not exactly blessed with tons of closet, counter or cabinet space. Of course I always seem to find a place for another pair of orange wedges in my already packed closet, but that's neither here nor there. As a city dweller, I'm sure I don't have to explain to you how foldable, collapsible, space-saving items are welcome additions to our home. We love the cute kitchen essentials from the squish collection

When it comes to cluttered kitchen cupboards, we have them aplenty. Mixing bowls, colanders, measuring cups, they're all stacked and squished into small places throughout. It's almost like a game of Jenga. Remove one and you topple the world.

Finally the concept of squishing something into our cabinets takes a positive spin with the Squish collection, a new brand of collapsible kitchen products that take on the storage challenges and...well...squish them.

Brightly colored (dare I say these are some smile-inducing items), these sturdy bowls and cups disappear to flat in one second, solving all your spacing issues. But this certainly doesn't mean that they are flimsy. Not by any means. I was actually surprised to see how rigid they were. Their genius design put them into graduated layers, so each Squish item "snaps" into place for confidence.

squish 1

The collection includes three colanders (1qt, 2qt and 4qt), three mixing bowls (1.5qt, 3qt and 5qt), over-the-sink items like a cutting board and colander, and kitchen tools like funnels, strainers and measuring cups. Extra clever features like curved rims, pour spouts, and non-slip grips for bases and handles add that something extra for every chef.

We plan on bringing the 4qt mixing bowl with us on our next camping trip, since it'??ll be perfect for popping out (quite literally) when it comes time to mix burgers for the grill. The measuring cups are also exciting since who has room in their drawers for stacking spoons and cups?

They're FDA-approved materials are safe for food items and dishwasher friendly, so you can store away your worries about safety or cleanup. Or better yet...just squish 'em.

The Squish products are available in Target stores nationwide and for $4.99 to $19.99.

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