Cooking with Rose Romano's Italian Toppings


Quick and easy dinners (as well as those that I know no one will fuss about) usually involve some sort of pasta dish. Having made pasta for years, I am always trying to mix up the sauces I use to add some variety to our much-needed dinner routine. This week, I had the chance to cook with a bold and flavorful new sauce from gourmet food company -- Rose Romano's Italian Toppings.

Cooking with Rose Romano's Italian Toppings

Available on with a goal to get into high-end grocery stores, I found inspiration on the Rose Romano website where there were over 30 recipes featuring dishes using the Rose Romano red and green peppers that could be coupled with pasta, chicken or pork. I opted for the Penne Magone Recipe (see recipe below) that turned out to be an easy and much-needed mix up to our dinner rountine.

As a low calorie, gluten-free, locally-sourced gourmet topping, the brand was created by Dr. Marshall Angotti, a dentist and son of Rose Romano Angotti who wanted to create a gourmet topping with Italian Peppers like the one he remembered from his youth.

In addition to the peppers, he wanted a product that could complement and enhance food, and not overpower it so that they will become a traditional part of dinner. After using them with the penne, I really enjoyed the bold and flavorful toppings as well as how they were flavored - making it easier and quicker to prepare meals for my family.

Penne Magone Recipe

Cook one pound of penne pasta (al dente). In large preheated pan, combine 3 TBS olive oil, 2 TBS butter, two garlic cloves and one shallot (both minced), 1 tsp each salt and dry basil. Sauté on medium low 2-3 minutes, stirring. Add 1.5 lbs of large shrimp (peeled) to same pan. Cook shrimp until pink and firm. Strain pasta, add to pan with shrimp mixture and stir gently. Heat for one minute, stirring. Place portions on dishes, sprinkle with 1 tsp Romano cheese, and top with 3 TBS of heated RR Italian Peppers.

Doesn't that sound yummy!

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