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The Best End of the Week Treat

Well, it’s official...The kids are back at school and my schedule just got a whole lot more packed. With the back to school season has come the return of the inevitable after school lessons and sports which means a LOT of running around for this girl. And that’s, of course, on top of my responsibilities at work, the house and everything else that us harried mamas have on our plates. To say that I look forward to Friday nights and a treat or two is the understatement of the year. After a seemingly endless week filled with school drops offs and pick ups, homework that is clearly created to drive parents crazy, dance class, baseball practice and whatnot, I can think of little else than getting the kids to bed and relaxing on the couch with my honey and an end of the week treat when Friday rolls around...


The hubs and I established our parents only Friday night couch routine during our son’s first year of school and we’re going three years strong with it. Typically on the agenda we have a movie that we’ve been wanting to see or, perhaps, a marathon of whatever show we’re currently binging, a bottle of wine and snacks...There must be snacks! And what treat goes better with a glass of vino than chocolate? I certainly can’t think of one. Back in my younger days that chocolate would probably have been pretty basic, but with age has come a more discerning palette. Haha! I expect big things from my chocolate now, so I was thrilled to discover the Chuao Chocolatier line at CVS. I’m not just talking about a simple sprinkling of sea salt on top of an ordinary old bar guys. I want gourmet level flavor combinations...and Chuao Chocolatier delivers that in spades!


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So, let’s talk about those flavors for a moment. You caramel apple nuts will go bonkers for Caramel Apple Crush. I know I’m not the only one who lives for Halloween simply for the opportunity to devour a caramel apple or ten...Bwah! This chocolate bar is a whole lot less messy. Just sayin’. And if a more subtle hint of sweetness is your jam, Honeycomb is right up your alley. In this bar, dark chocolate flirts with caramelized honey to form the perfect pairing. And the fun doesn’t end there. Baconluxious has, you guessed it, bits of bacon it. Talk about the ultimate indulgence! And how about Firecracker? Expect a fun candy explosion in every bite. Are you drooling yet? I know I am! Now that I’ve given you the skinny on my latest chocolate treat obsession, don’t you want to try out Chuao Chocolatier for yourself? Every mom deserves a special end of the week treat in my book. And, on that note, I have some exciting news! They’re hosting a big back to school sweepstakes!



You could win a back to school shopping spree at CVS AND a year's supply of gourmet chocolate!

  • 1st Prize: $50 CVS gift card + 6 gourmet chocolate bars
  • 2nd Prize: $50 CVS gift card + 6 gourmet chocolate bars
  • 3rd Prize: $50 CVS gift card + 6 gourmet chocolate bars
  • 4th Prize: $50 CVS gift card + 6 gourmet chocolate bars
  • Grand Prize: $500 CVS gift card + a year supply of gourmet Chuao chocolateThis is a sponsored post. For even more Momtrends, follow us on FacebookTwitter,Pinterest and Instagram.

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