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Child Immune System Development

Child Immune System Development, tips for supplements to support your family's health

My immune system is amazing. Guess what? So is yours. The immune system is made up of a network of cells, tissues, and organs that work together to support our bodies. Modern life, however, can get in the way, and that's where Ester-C comes in. These supplements feature a patented formula delivering immune support.* From kids to parents, we all know how great it feels to be super-charged and capable. Getting a little help along the way just makes sense.

wellness goals

What are your wellness goals?

For me, my big goal is staying vital. I run and workout so I can be strong to set a good example for my girls. As an (ahem) older mom (I had my first daughter at 34 and my second at 37), I need super powers to keep up with these two dynamos. I've just gotten my younger daughter into running, and I want to stay fit and healthy so we can continue running together for decades.

I'm also a working mom with lots on my plate. I want to set a good example and let my girls know that while family comes first, but there is time in my busy day to make room for my health. My girls see me setting an example and I encourage them to find time for fitness too. We also pay a lot of attention to what we eat. I know our diet is an important way to keep an eye on child immune system development. We keep a vegetable garden in the summer and try to eat whole foods as much as possible.


We're busy. We travel. Schedules get thrown off. I have a great solution for our family--I can support all our immune health with patented Ester-C® formulas. And guess what? Ester-C is good for individuals ages 4 to 104.*

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Even the best routines can use an extra CHARGE. In our family, supplements help fill in the gaps. Vitamin C is one area we pay attention to and Ester-C is a great option. Unlike regular vitamin C, Ester-C maximizes the retention of vitamin C in your body. Ester-C® CHARGE Gummies and Quick Dissolves can be taken every day or added to your daily immune health program for additional support when you need it most.

Ester C

Keeping the bad stuff out

Ester-C® CHARGE Gummies and Quick dissolves are not only gluten-free, but made with naturally sourced colors and flavors, making it the perfect choice to help CHARGE up your family’s daily regimen.

Are you ready to conquer your wellness goals?

Ester-C is calling all Wellness Warriors: from the seize-the-day adventurers, the life-as-it-comes embracers, to the weekend explorers. Join Better C Nation at and tell the world, “Yes, I’m ready.” Head to their website and click on the "community" button. Share your stories, photos, tips and reviews to receive special offers, coupons and other cool stuff! You can also follow along using the hashtag #BeCReady.

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