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Cheers! 5 Ways to Celebrate National Wine Day

If you're like me, you probably don't need too much encouragement to celebrate National Wine Day. There's a good chance you celebrated yesterday - and likely tomorrow too. But in honor of today - the OFFICIAL National Wine Day - here are five ways you can enjoy your glass of vino a bit more. Cheers!

#1 - Decanter of Your Dreams

You do know wine tastes better after it's been decanted, right? Decanters are used to aerate your wine (aka - add air to it) similar to what happens when you swirl wine in your glass. Wait, isn't air bad for wine? Good question. Air is bad in the long term for a bottle of wine, but not right before you drink it. Aerating the wine with a decanter can help the flavors of a young wine open up, help the bold tannins of big wine relax, and can help remove the sulphur dioxide smell from cheap wines. Yes, even Two Buck Chuck will taste (slightly) better decanted. For fancy bottles of wine that may be unfiltered, decanters also allow you to separate the sediment at the bottom of the bottle from the rest of the wine, thereby avoiding that "chewy" final sip. Yeck.

Wine Decanters

Choose a gorgeous bottle decanters when company is over or a handheld or spout decanter for your nightly glass. (l. to r. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

#2 - Gussy Up Your Glassware

There's something satisfying about drinking wine out of a beautiful classic wine glass. But if you're looking to add some fun to your next fête, try one of these festive wine glasses. And yes, they are all stemless or short-stemmed because as much as I love a beautiful long-stemmed glass, they don't mesh well with kids or party guests. Celebrate your state, class up your tumbler with a short, but dignified little stem or add some glitz and gold.


#3 - Delivered to Your Doorstep

There were days when I used to be able to spend 45 minutes browsing the wine aisle, getting inspired by new wineries, interesting blends, and pretty labels. If you find yourself grabbing the same bottle every week, help broaden your wine selection (and save yourself a trip to the store) by having wine delivered to your doorstep. Choose a wine club membership from your favorite label or region or a service like Instacart available in more than three dozen cities that will deliver wine (and groceries) to you in an hour or less!

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#4 - Beautiful Bottle Displays

Maybe it's just me, but I think wine bottles are beautiful - and not just because they hold wine. The shape of the bottle, the cork, a good label - this isn't something you should hide away! (Unless of course, you buy really good wine to store that should be hidden away in a temperature-controlled wine fridge.) But for your every quaffing wine, invest in a lovely rack to display your wine on your counter or wall. (l. to r. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

bottle displays

#5 - Wine Gadgets You Need

You can move beyond just enjoying a glass at home with some of these fun picks on my wine wishlist. For concerts, camping or any other place you don't want to lug a glass wine bottle to, the Wine2Go Foldable Bottle holds a whole bottle of wine and packs down small when you're done. I stared at this wooden bath caddy with space for your book, a candle (or lets be honest, dark chocolate almonds) AND a glass of wine for a good 5 minutes...just dreaming of the time and clean bathtub to use this. This has belated Mother's Day gift to myself written all over it. You may have seen this Wine Purse circling around Facebook - it's part practical, part hilarious but just imagine the look on your friends' face when they ask if you got a new purse and THEN YOU POUR WINE OUT OF IT.

wine gadgets

You know that moment when someone snootily says, "Oh don't you just loooove the hints of tobacco and tree mossy in this wine?" and you slowly nod your head in agreement and take another sip so you don't have to say that you think it tastes like...well, wine? Now YOU can be the snooty sniffer with a Wine Aroma Kit that includes a collection of common wine "notes" that you can use to train your palate and impress your dinner guests. If a whole kit seems a bit too pretentious, then perhaps a wine scratch-n-sniff board book is more up your alley? And finally, because it's true and it's funny, my kitchen definitely needs a witty wine sign like this one.


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