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Notes from the Kitchen: Bolthouse Farms Creamy Yogurt Dressings

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Most of us immediately associate eating a salad with being healthy, but did you know that the (mayonnaise-based) dressing you put on top may be harboring unnecessary calories that can actually add unwanted pounds?

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You can create your own yogurt-based dressing at home or opt for a quicker, more convenient option '?? a pre-made, mouthwatering version from Bolthouse Farms! The company offers a variety of flavorful dressings including the popular Chunky Blue Cheese which was recently featured on the Today Show. Bolthouse Farms'?? dressings contain at least 55% fewer calories and 75% less fat than the leading brand '?? and are a mere 45 calories or less per serving! What'??s even better is that they can double as delicious dips for snack time and for use with family meals.

At my house, the difficult convert was going to be my husband, who is also the one who needs a healthier dressing the most, as we deal with a few cholesterol issues. Rather than explain the yogurt aspect and the lower calorie options, I simply told him we needed to try a new brand for a review. Much to my surprise, he actually did like them! While the kids loved the classic ranch and I enjoyed the bleu cheese, he was impressed with the zesty French dressing, a full 35 calories less than the "lite" French dressing he had in our fridge, and a very easy switch for his lower cholesterol diet!

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Bolthouse Farms Creamy Yogurt Dressings are available at various grocery stores nationwide, and is available in Classic Ranch, Chunky Bleu Cheese, Salsa Ranch, Zesty French, Honey Mustard, Caesar Parmagiano, and Thousand Island flavors.

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