Best jars for baby food


I'm on the hunt for the best jars for baby food--something that looks great and also keeps food safe and fresh. Feeding baby takes some education (we write about it a lot).


For some reason I thought it would be a while before I took baby food for my son on-the-go. Of course I was wrong. At seven months the boy is growing like weeds and so is his food curiosity (yay). And while at times I give him food off my plate at restaurants, there are others when I'm just not comfortable with it. So here I am on the market for new food storage containers to take out with me.

Now I know it's not all about appearance but sometimes it's nice to sass up the basics (including my baby food recipes. Especially after seeing this post by Momtrends Editor Serena. Yum.). I first spotted WECK jars in April when Farm to Baby launched their amazing local food service in my Brooklyn neighborhood.


The containers looked beautiful and since they're glass I knew I wouldn't have to worry about BPA or whatever its replacement might be. They're easy to clean and my only complaint would be that there are a few pieces involved for preservation purposes. And while my (and possibly your) adventure in baby food may be new WECK isn't by any means.

Founded at the beginning of last century in Oflengin, Germany WECK actually developed and introduced the home-canning method for glass jars and is now sold worldwide. So not only will they look good when you take them out today, they're actually a classic that will last you a lifetime.

And before you start thinking that these tiny jars are just for tiny people, rest assured, they come in various shapes and sizes. But don't feel any pressure about filling them up with anything right away. They'll do their job looking pretty just sitting on your counter.


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