Best Burp Cloths


You've most likely spent a fortune on baby cloths (or your parents have--we love grandparents!). To protect this investment you're going to need burp cloths.

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Fact: Babies barf. Some babies barf ALL THE TIME. New moms should never be without a burp cloth (or maybe two). A good burp cloth should be large and absorbent--demand all cotton.

How to use:

  • Put one over your shoulder for burping.
  • Keep one handy while feeding for little spit ups.
  • Use them to breastfeed incognito.
  • In a pinch, they make a fine make shift changing station.

Got other ideas? Let me know!

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Just because this item is highly functional doesn't mean it has to look boring. Quite the opposite: a favorite hip designer Stacy Phillips is turning out retro cool accessories. Zebi Baby has a great 3-pack of cloths called the bucket of burpies. The modern patterns are terrific. For boys, I'd pick the metro set, for girls, the kitchy rose. Not only are the cloths 100% cotton, but they are way chic. And there's the clever packaging. The three burp clothes are packed in a reusable paint-can type pail. ($38)

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