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The Best Back to School Snacks for Kids AND Moms

The kids are headed back to school and things are about to get a whole lot busier. Am I right? Say goodbye to the lazy days of summer and hello to homework, after school activities and an oh so full calendar. All that action means that you AND your kiddos need to stay good and fueled up to properly tackle your days. If your schedule is anything like mine you’re probably going to be going full throttle from the time your alarm goes off to the time your head hits the pillow. Healthy, filling snacks are just what you need to keep your energy levels up...That and daily exercise of course. I always feel perkier when I’m active and eating well. So, let’s talk back to school snacks…


CVS has everything you need in that department. From their Gold Emblem line to all the brands you know and love, CVS is a virtual snack paradise. You can find things like Fruit & Veggie Snack Bars to slip in your kids’ lunchboxes and sport bags, as well as instant oatmeal that’s perfect for independent breakfasts or after school snacking. You may not always have time to spend in the kitchen, so having a fully stocked pantry that your kids can turn to is clutch. I’m also a big fan of keeping snacks in their backpacks. My oldest’s lunch happens to be towards the end of the school day so he couldn’t make it without a mid morning snack. Gold Emblem Abound Rice Pop Clusters are perfect for just such an occasion. Plus, they’re gluten free which is great for those with gluten sensitivities!

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Now that we’ve covered the kids, let’s focus on us moms. We need healthy back to school snack options available to us as much as our wee ones do. You’ll rarely ever find me without a nutrition bar like Gold Emblem Abound protein bar or Larabar fruit bar in my purse. They’re perfect for those on the go moments when you need a little something, but don’t have time to stop. Thanks to the snacks I stash in my bags, car and pantry, I’m always ready for whatever the day throws at me whether that’s carpool, dance class, baseball practice or, if I’m really lucky, a little me time.


So, as you prepare for the back to school season, I urge you to spend some time getting your snack stock ready to go! If you do go to CVS make sure you check out the ExtraCare Rewards Program. Personalized emails means you’ll receive deals on the items you buy the most. So, I would obviously get nutrition bar deals galore. Haha! And if you don’t have time to stop the store you can always look into the CVS Pharmacy App. You can shop for your favorite back to school snacks online and even get free shipping on orders over $49! What mom doesn’t love a good online alternative? This mom sure does!

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