Snack Happy with belVita Breakfast Biscuits

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Why try belVita Breakfast Biscuits? Our daughter isn't exactly what you would call a "morning munchkin." That is except on the weekends. Getting her out of bed for preschool is a challenge, but every Sunday she comes into our bedroom at 6am sharp. She always asks to play Angry Birds on my iPhone. I always say "no," so I'm not sure why she continues the charade. But continue it she does.

We need options.

Recently, we've decided that she's old enough to entertain herself in her room until we're ready to get up. To stave off any pre-breakfast munchies, we leave a snack on the counter. One of her favorites these days is the new belVita breakfast biscuits. They just came out last month, and they're already a staple in our kitchen.

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These crunchy biscuits come in blueberry, apple cinnamon and golden oat (my favorite). Don't expect the über-sweet fruit taste of the typical breakfast bar. These are biscuits. They're naturally light and taste pleasantly natural. And when paired with a piece of fruit and yogurt or a glass of milk (even a latte), they are a great on-the-go breakfast choice when you're running out the door for school or work or how I roll by dipping them in my Greek yogurt. With four in a pack and 20 grams of whole grain, these unassuming treats actually fill you up.

Something else that separates them from the other breakfast bars is sustained energy. By carefully controlling the baking process, it helps preserve the integrity of the grain. That means carbs are slowly released in your body for nutritious, long-lasting energy that fuels you throughout the morning.

Maybe now that 20% of Americans who report skipping breakfast regularly will think twice. And maybe our daughter will think twice about waking us up on Sunday at 6am.

belVita is available at your local grocer for $3.69 for five packs of four breakfast biscuits.

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