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As the kids transition from one developmental stage to the next, moms and dads need the right tools to help kids with social changes and even bedtime issues. Maybe your son has become a finicky eater, or perhaps your daughter has some difficulty making friends. Oftentimes, just spending a few minutes at night reading together about simple solutions can make a world of difference for the family. From colorful picture books to scrumptious cookbooks, there is something for everyone. To help point you in the right direction, here are seven kid-friendly books worth checking out.

Weelicious Lunches: Think Outside the Lunch Box with More Than 160 Happier Meals, Weelicious Lunches: Think Outside the Lunch Box with More Than 160 Happier Meals review

We are so excited about the launch of Catherine McCord’s second book,Weelicious Lunches: Think Outside the Lunchbox to help us get creative with our back-to-school lunches. Serving as a cookbook and an inspirational how-to guide, this fun cookbook addresses a variety of food challenges from taste to food sensitivities to allergies through her delightful recipes and unique flavor combinations. The book also includes advice about preparing hot and cold food, features meal pairings, product recommendations, pantry stocking tips and a sensory guide to help parents address all five senses when it comes to creating lunch. Kids will also love her fun and delicious recipe ideas with some of our favorites being the Pineapple Fruit Leather,Silky Tomato Soup with Grilled Cheese Crouton Bites,Veggie Tortilla Roll and Baked Whole Wheat Raspberry Doughnuts.

Stealth Health Lunches Kids Love: Irresistible and Nutritious Gluten-Free Sandwiches, Wraps, and Other Easy Eats, Stealth Health Lunches Kids Love: Irresistible and Nutritious Gluten-Free Sandwiches, Wraps, and Other Easy Eats Review

Stealth Health Lunches Kids Love: Irresistible and Nutritious Gluten-Free Sandwiches, Wraps, and Other Easy Eats by Tracy Griffith is the perfect go-to book for the fall. We all could use some inspiration when it comes to jazzing up the kids’ lunches. Whether your family is gluten-free or not, this book is chock-full of healthy, fun options to chase away the lunchbox doldrums. These recipes also come in handy for quick on-the-go dinner options. From Chinese Chicken Rolls to Honey Bears and Banana Bites, so many tasty recipes wrapped up in one book.

Muddypaws’ New Friends by Steve Smallman and Simon Mendez is the delightful tale of one puppy’s quest to find some new playmates. The colorful illustrations bring the story to life as this mischievous pup learns how to make new friends while keeping the old. Every child can relate to the feelings of uneasiness when stepping out of his or her comfort zone. Not to mention, the adorable breeds of puppies will make this picture book a bedtime favorite.

Muddy Paws Book

Bunny Loves to Write by Peter Bently, Emma Foster, and Deborah Melmon is the best pick for your reluctant writer. Kids need some guidance when it comes to putting their ideas down on paper. In this vivid picture book, Buster the bunny has been given an assignment by his teacher to make up a story. With his mom’s helpful suggestion, Buster decides to carry around a notebook to record all of his fabulous ideas.

Bunny Loves To Write, Bunny Loves To Write Book

The Soupmaker's Kitchen: How to save Your Scraps, Prepare a Stock, and Craft the Perfect Pot of Soup by Aliza Green and Steve Legato is a culinary adventure for you and your finicky eater. What better way to solve an eating dilemma than to have your child help prepare the family’s meal. From chowders to minestrones and bisques, the possibilities are endless. With over fifty delectable recipes to savor, your child will soon be eager to say…soup’s on!

Soupmaker Book

On My Way to Bed by Sarah Maizes and Michael Paraskevas is the ideal book for ending the day. Many children are experts at stalling tactics, including the adventuresome Livi. The queen of bedtime excuses, she’ll do anything to stay awake. Livi’s imagination runs wild as she dreams up magical capers like walking a tightrope and climbing a tall mountain. After reading about her colorful escapades, it comes as no surprise that even the most energized child will manage to slip into a peaceful slumber.

On My Way to Bed, On My Way to Bed Book
The Energy Bus for Kids, The Energy Bus for Kids review

Based on author Jon Gordon’s Wall Street Journal bestseller, The Energy Bus, his illustrated children’s book,The Energy Bus for Kids: A Story about Staying Positive and Overcoming Challenges, is a fantastic book that follows, George, a kid who is having a bad day. He woke up sleepy, skipped breakfast, nearly missed his bus and is teased by bullies at school. But when Joy, the bus driver, shows George that if he believes in himself, has a positive vision for the future, and fuels his ride with positive energy, he'll find the strength to overcome any challenge.

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